With our experience, we serve corporations across diverse industry sectors, including real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, education, transport, FMCG and retail. Our goal is to provide reliable information and sound advice based on insightful analysis, to help clients make effective business decisions.

Our knowledge and experience across all major industry sectors has propelled us to the forefront of the market place. We follow a structured process to create the best results.

We provide services of the highest professional standards, required for several purposes such as: Credit Facilities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Organizational Restructuring, Dispute Resolution, Asset Management, Sales of Assets, supstan. Our advice supports the occupational, investment and management decisions of investors, occupiers, lenders and developers, in the context of dynamic markets.

Our project monitoring and technical consultancy services are very frequently utilized by real estate funds for under-construction projects. Our expert team becomes the eyes and ears of the investors and lenders for the project. In addition to monitoring the timeline and quality of the projects and providing detailed progress reports, we also review and approve Progress Payments.

Whether you’re a buyer, renter, seller, landlord or someone looking to invest in the property market, our comprehensive services cover all your real estate needs.